How to get Atal Pension Scheme?

To get the Atal Pension Scheme, you need to have bank account and Aadhar Card.
1. Link your Aadhar Card with your bank account.
2. After that, fill the application form and submit it before 1st June 2015. Furthermore, fill up and submit the application form every year before 1st June for the renewal of the scheme.


  1. nitesh

    my birth date is 5 – 5 – 1975 so am I eligible for this scheme or not some bank staff are saying yes & some are saying no so please guide me

  2. D.J.Mukherjee

    I am unable to open Atal Pension Scheme in Kolkata.
    I have approached 3 to 4 banks where I have my savings account including SBI, but they have informed that they have no information on opening this scheme. Please let me know which bank and branch to approach in Kolkata, for opening this scheme at the earliest. I have already downloaded the form for this scheme from the net, but no banks are accepting it.


  3. ss ullur

    My date of birth is 01. 12. 75. Am I eligible to apply to this scheme? If so to get pension of Rs 5000/- per month, how much I should contribute per month to this scheme. Pl. Clarify.

  4. Anil Vishwakarma

    Please tell me that on which bank I can approach for this pension scheme, as OBC/SBOP/HDFC banks in chandigarh not accepting the form.

  5. arun

    I checked with SBI Mumbai D N Road branch but Manager told that they have not yet recieved forms for Atal Pension scheme and same status with other SBI banks
    If banks are not offering scheme then why Narendra Modi Govt is spending crores of ruppes ( Indian Tax payer amount ) on advertisment stating that go to nearest bank and fill up forms but when banks does not have any idea nor any forms
    Please stop spending money on newspaper advts ,Bihar election will start after some months


    ఎఎDear sir,
    thank you for bharthmata

  7. sajal meheta

    Bank refuse to open ofPMAPY . So please guide me

  8. pulluriravindar

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