Who will get the pension amount if the Scheme holder dies before the age of 60

If the APY policy holder dies before the age of 60, then the nominee will get the pension. But in-case both the nominee and the Scheme holder dies then the legal heir of the nominee will get the whole contribution as lump-sum one-time payment.


  1. Ranj

    Sir,I have open apy from last 5 months but I could not get any documents. Pls help me

  2. vikas

    sir jo pension melega o ketnae sal tak melega.

  3. lavanya

    Sir, i contribute to A P Y pension plan from 01.06.2015.. i did’t get any documents relating to this.. and from oct 2016 i cant contribute to the same… because l discontinue my job for personal reason.. did i get my contribution to back my account.. pls advice…..

  4. Saurabh Vishnoi

    sir I m contributing in any last 6 or 7 months but I have no document regarding to this so what should I do please help me

  5. kartik chandra dash

    I could not any docuument

  6. brijesh singh

    Sir I have apy account but couldn’t get PRAN no. Or any document. Pl help for check my apy status

  7. brijesh singh

    Sir pl help for knowing details of my apy account

  8. Yogesh pqtel

    Dear concern
    I had not got any document for APY scheme which i had started in union bank of india and for how many year i have to pay premium and if i have to pay up to 60 years and i have discontinue before 60 years what will happen and money will be given me back which i had paid in APY . So please do the needfull help and revert me as soon as possible

  9. manish holani

    how to check balance ?? any pass book ?

  10. B mallikarjunareddy

    My Apy Account not XX6882 please send details


    if the policy holder wants to withdraw his deposited amounts before his mutual time.
    then tell me what is the process of it.

  12. vipinnath viswanathan

    Dear sir. If i start paying in the age of 30 and i completed in the age of 40 but after that if i had any financial crisis then i can withdraw this amount? what all benifits i will get on this time?

  13. Amala

    Hi I have applied for APY for my husband an year ago. My husband suddenly dead on 24 the may 2017. I have subscribed for 5000 rs pension. Please let me know what is the benefits of closing APY account. Or benefits of continuing on the spouse name.

  14. Madhvi pandey

    My husband diedon3 9 2019hi deposit rs 535 per month for getting Rs5000;pension per month still I as anominee in order to contnue scheme I have to deposit above amount till the age of 60 yrs or not in order to gett pension

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